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M students will use the Golden Grammar Book during their three years of English at the Bugnon.Click on the image below to go to the English Bugnon Grammar 4U where you can print summaries and find on-line exercises of each chapter of the GGB .

Futures workshop

Plan d’Útudes grammaire+vocabulaire M pour les 3 annees

1 C students will use The Oxford Practice Grammar, Basic, with answers, so as to study grammar according to CEF levels (A2>B1) during their three years of English at the Bugnon

Futures workshop

Liste des verbes irreguliers Bugnon

Futures workshop
Futures workshop

Plan d’Útudes grammaire+vocabulaire C pour les 3 annee

Liste des phrasal verbs Bugnon

Workshops on grammar topics according to CEF (CECR)

...View in editable form on this blog

or in printable form (acrobat) ... more to come

Question tags workshop

Question tags

Futures workshop


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