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The only way to improve your oral comprehension - beside going to an English-speaking country which I wish you will be able to do soon - is to listen to real-life conversations from speakers from all over the world. Here’s your chance to listen to tons of conversations, dialogues and other real stuff English.

Below are a few websites which I strongly recommend for your practice. They all offer short quizzes afterwards to check your level of understanding and they are listed by difficulty level or themes. Have fun!

my personal choice: the best listening website:

wide selection of exercises

 a list of listening websites :

BBC worldservice for listening:

To practice your vocabulary :

with a special selection of listening activities on London

Advanced Listening

video nation on bbc.

to listen to real life people talking about themselves, with a wide variety of accents

postcards from all over the United Kingdom

to learn about the history of many different places in the UK and improve your vocabulary

real news that you can understand

with words explanation and vocabulary practice

The 6-minute English series from the BBC : loads of ideal length, perfectly shaped for classroom use listening exercises available at


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