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Writing should be approached as a process of discovery, not as an end product.

Writers should write about something that interests them.

Writers should be knowledgeable about the subject of their writing.

Writers should share their work throughout the writing process.

Writers should write for an intended audience, even if that means their fellow writers.

Writers should write in an honest and sincere voice.

Basic of Writing

Journal Writing is an integral part of Language Arts . In many cases, some of your other teachers will ask you to record information in a journal. In English class a journal can hold class notes, writing drafts, outlines, assignments, thoughts, daily impressions, brainstorming, lists, webs, poems, songs lyrics, photographs, and much more.

In most classes, we will be writing many different types of written pieces, such as essays and papers. Here are some writing terms, defined for you to recognize their different meanings.

Argumentation is a piece of writing (or an instance of speaking or debating) that uses reasoning, debate, and logic to make a point.

Description or Descriptive writing usually paints a clear, colourful picture of a person, place, thing, or idea using specific details. In most cases the subject or focus of a descriptive piece is familiar to the writer.

An essay is a piece of factual writing in which ideas on a single topic are presented, explained, argued, or described in an interesting way, while an exposition is simply writing that explains.

Narration is a type of writing that tells a story or recalls an event. A personal narrative, on the other hand, covers an event or specific episode.

Persuasive Writing is writing that is designed to change the way the reader (or a larger audience) thinks.

For a complete guide go to the 60 pagesEnglish Department Guide to Essay-writing from UNIL: EDGE

or start with the easier icelandic “Basic guide for writing an essay”

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