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Bienvenue aux personnes non-anglophones sur le site de la file d’anglais du Gymnase du Bugnon.

En plus des informations destinées aux étudiants , deux sections en français sont plus particulièrement intéressantes pour les parents.

Il s’agit des objectifs de l’enseignement de l’anglais au sein du Gymnase du Bugnon ainsi que les informations concernant les séjours linguistiques, qui restent la meilleure solution pour pratiquer son anglais ... sur le terrain

For Students

This site is meant to be a resource centre for you, students. The English Department would like you to use it as much as possible and browse freely to whatever is available. You may save a lot of time if you check it regularly.

    You will find on this page:

  • tools to help you progress in writing essays and making the most of your reading, listening and speaking skills
  • practise and learn your vocabularies (Boudry 1-10) with interactive exercises .
  • review your grammar with on-line grammar summaries based on Tom Spencer’s Golden Grammar Book
  • links to many on-line newspapers you can read and podcasts you can listen to
  • the ultimate tool for all students in English : the online dictionary : pronunciation, spelling, translation
  • Martine Guignard (webeditor)

Material on the website is copyleft licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from several Wikipedia articles. To read comments on Wikipedia go here (a Guardian post).

Reading and writing tips and guidelines have been adapted for ESL students from Head-Royce High School, CA, where I taught in 2001-2002 and took part in their Humanities Website Design and Update.

 Be careful on the net, do not give personal details to anyone. Use a good updated OS, an anti-virus and a firewall.

Before surfing the net on the school premises, make sure you have read and signed the Internet Charter provided by your class advisor.

To view the multimedia contents on this site you need a good bandwidth and some plugins: realplayer, windows media player and quicktime.

Please report broken links and missing objects to the webmaster
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1979 Quiz
1979 Answers

A small quiz for the Bugnon’s 30th anniversary

(<c> Nadine Felix)

Answers to the quiz

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